The Radical Fashion!

‘Radical’ is a contemporary pret womenwear brand based out of Kolkata. It focuses on using pure silk fabrics and combining them with intricate beadwork, hand dyeing techniques and original silk screen and digital prints. The result is an elegant, feminine line with classic and contemporary silhouettes paired with beautiful embroidery without any compromise in quality. []

Few Styles: 

1) Chinoiserie Cutwork Mint Tunic

Chinoiserie georgette pleated tunic with a cutwork detail collar, paired with silk dhoti pants.

Fabric cutwork collar & embellished with foam, pipe & sequins.

Composition: 100% Silk Georgette & Shatoon lining tunic & Crepe Dhoti pants.

Trims: Zipper & Hooks

INR: 18,800



2) Teal Blue Hi-Low Tunic

Teal Blue Silk Hi Low Tunic With Round Neck, Embellished Yoke & Sleeves.

Hand Embellished With Small Glass Pipe & Metallic Beads.

Composition – 100% Pure Silk & Shatoon Linning.

Price: INR 14,800


3) Pink Peach Hand Dyed Gown Set

Hot Pink Floral Embroidered Yoke & Peach Pink Hand Dyed Heavy Silk Gown With Cancan & Glass Pipe Cut Work Belt & Fringe Dupatta.

Hand Embroidered With Matte White Beads, Silver Beads, Glass Pipe.

Composition – 100% Pure Silk + Habutai Silk & Shatoon Linning.

Price: INR 27,800



Marketing? ReleaseMyAd will make you learn.

The need of the hour for every business in the world is Marketing. Marketing makes you survive, marketing makes you sell, marketing makes earn.

When such is the need, we need to learn. Everyone directly or indirectly is a part of some sort of marketing activities, albeit we may not be aware of it. Now here is when ReleaseMyAd makes things simple.

2 months back, it was my college website which got me close to the program. The benefits listed on the web page seemed to be lucrative, as a management student it is always to build your CV and today I’d say my ReleaseMyAd Internship Program was the one I cherished most.

Things seemed to me in the initial stage of registration quite proficient. After the completion of the registration, it was all waiting. A wait of 3 or 4 days and I got my Internship Offer Letter. There begins the excitement.

The internship is basically an 8 stage Marketing Skills development program. These stages are; Social Media Marketing, Brand Communication, Market Research, Content Marketing, Business Development, Search engine Optimisation, Public Relations and B2B Marketing. Each Stage presents to the intern certain tasks based on the it. The intern has 45 days to complete all these tasks, where every task has a time limit. These tasks could be; which can be completed by the Intern all by himself and there are a few which demand the help of one’s peers and pals. The later interests a lot and also brings in the holistic development of Marketing.

The best part is here. The Internship makes you explore almost all Social Media Networking sites and several brainstorming videos and makes you learn how could these act as a catalyst in developing one’s business. The online marketing method always remains the most pocket-friendly method against the traditional marketing measures. At any moment throughout the internship, it ain’t get monotonous instead I vouch it takes you deep in marketing, making you learn all that forms of the 21st-century marketing. The Internapp platform ( has been designed for the millennials, explore and explore, opportunities are waiting at every end.

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At the ReleaseMyAd Internship, after the submission of tasks, it then gets evaluated by the amiable learned team of ReleaseMyAd. They score you along with a feedback on your work. The best performer even gains a cash reward and Mentorship lessons. The ReleaseMyAd team looks after you in case you are sceptical and yes, they do respond!

To sum up, Looking for a great marketing internship? ReleaseMyAd Marketing Internship ( is a paradigm to it.


The voyage from a student to an Intern

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The hunt lasted till I found my first Intern-Opportunity at ReleaseMyAdd on Intern-App.

I was through half the summer vacation, which was my first after the exuberant first year pursuing Management. Later half turned to be monotonous, speculations to join an Internship Program did excite me but virtual programs were quite limited particularly in the field of management.

The hunt lasted till I found my Intern-opportunity at ReleaseMyAd (, it was when I was surfing for notifications on my college’s website and there listed one was of an Internship program at ReleaseMyAd. Though an Internship is a prerogative of a student yet it was unprecedented to me. I reckon I browsed the Internet to know of the ReleaseMyAd Internship and it turned positive. I applied on the InternApp, went through my telephonic interview and within a few days, I received my Offer Letter signed by Mr. Sharad Lunia. It exhilarated me.

The Internship is basically a Marketing Internship and I had to work on various task allotted each having points and a certain timeline. The online platform is impeccable and the assignments are stupendous.

They make you learn- they make you work- they reward you.

This is the working pattern the platform offers and is ineffable. They make you master different aspects of marketing such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, B2B Marketing, Content Marketing and much more. There are assignments on working on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Quora, WordPress, etc and this all what we devote our maximum time on. What say? At last, this’s gonna benefit us. 

Lastly, I’d say, Internships are imperative for students, ReleaseMyAd ( Internship is an opportunity which allows you to work contemporarily with your academics.

My till date experience is profound and I would suggest my peers to go for it. 🙂